Honored to again provide all the Audio and Video support for the Brent Shapiro Foundation‘s annual dinner gala. No Static provided all the Sound, Video Projections, Content Playback and Cameras, as well as recording the event.

Below is a thank you we got from our client, we love getting these emails:

“Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to send my most sincere thanks to ALL of you who once again came together, went above and beyond, worked as a full team and helped do things that weren’t in your perview to insure that the Brent Shapiro Foundation Summer Spectacular was a success.

YOU ALL made the event happen and helped raise over $1million for the 1000 kids that are in Brents Clubs after school. I think of us all as a family and this weekend, you made it a success.
As always, so proud to work with all of you and more importantly so honored to call you all colleagues and friends! Have a great week and see you all on the next one!