Wrapping up our AV installation at the Proud Bird. It looks nothing like the original buidling. The space is just massive, there are 6 banquet rooms, several outdoor patio areas and the AV for the whole space can be divided or combined in any way. It’s going to make an amazing event space and a cool bar and restaurant right on the approach end of runway 24.

We installed a Hearing Hotspot system so you can listen to the tower and planes while you watch them land on your smart phones. Community Pendants in the main museum, QSC speakers in the dining, bar and banquet rooms, Samsung displays for Direct TV, Flight Tracker (so you don’t miss your flight while you’re hanging out) and Risevision Digital Signage package for the banquet room scheduling display. MP3 Player handsets with aviation stories to listen to. Ashley processing and QSC CXD amps round out the package.

Can’t wait to post photos once the site is 100% completed!

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