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Everyone needs someone to invest in and believe in them. Whether it is a parent or a friend, a coach or a teacher, every child needs someone to pour into their life and encourage them to reach for their dreams. In areas where mentorship is uncommon and crime is on the rise, community could not be more crucial, and that community is exactly what the Watts Empowerment Center provides.

In partnership with Red Eye Inc., a nationwide nonprofit that provides a 24/7 community to empower lives, support dreams, develop talents and invest in the next generation, The Watts Empowerment Center opened in Watts, California and the team at No Static AV is thrilled to be involved.

Along with many other generous donors, No Static AV has helped support the newly established community center by contributing time and resources to help empower their success. No Static recently donated and installed a security system, as well as a new audio visual system, to the Empowerment Center.

In a recent Instagram post, our CEO commented,

Due to nationwide budget cuts, a community in Watts was on the brink of losing all the programming at their community center by February 2018, unless a solution was provided to keep these doors open.

In association with Red Eye Inc., we are very proud to have donated and installed a security camera system and audio visual systems to the new Watts Empowerment Center. When the city cut funding for this center we stepped in with other generous donors to get the center reopened and better than before.”

Through our contribution, we are thrilled to empower the community center to be a safe, secure and enjoyable community resource for the Watts district and surrounding neighborhoods. We are excited to be in partnership with an incredible organization such as the Watts Empowerment Center, and to see their reach grow farther and stronger from here.

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