Petersen Museum, Grand Re-opening party. No Static provided all the video projections, image mapping, playback and two wireless HD cameras for this amazing event. Two 20K Barcos, one for the front stage and one for a 50 x 30 foot wall in the Porsche Lounge, four Christie 14Ks for the center stage blended into a single 360 degree image, eight 90 inch LED displays lining the tent walls. We also did the sound with our D&B PA and 14 delay speakers for the back of house in this massive 80 x 160 foot tent.

This event was produced by Diana Rayzman from RG Live Events, we can’t thank her enough for putting her trust in us to help her achieve her vision. This event had a lot of moving parts and challenges and she pulled off a flawless show.

Lighting was done by our good friends at Images by Lighting, and a special thank you to @lonnie_Images for asking us to be a part of this amazing event. Lonnie just got back from his honeymoon, got off the plane and came to the event like a champ.

Content and performers for the interactive 3D videos by Quixotic. The centerstage, arches and flowing sculptures were by StereoBot (, Band and Performers by Élan Artists (thanks to Josh for doing an amazing job calling the show). Decor and furniture by Revelry Event Designers, tents, red carpet, and event support by Town and Country.

And of course all the wonderful sponsors that help make this event and the museum possible, Porsche, Rolex, Mazerati, Nespresso, our friends at The Auto Gallery, and many more.

Photos by Scott Clark Photo

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