Unfortunately, as of 2023 No Static is no longer able to support Component Video systems due to the lack of available replacement parts and the industry-wide adoption of HDMI as the video standard.

What does this mean for you?

Besides this guide and the information contained below, there is not much we can do to help short of giving your restaurant a full retrofit.

If you are interested in a retrofit, the best thing you can do is discuss your needs internally with upper management. This varies company to company so if you are not sure who should be reaching out to, let us know and we can help give you some guidance.

For more information about retrofits, please contact us.

What makes Component Video so unreliable and why do I always have issues?

The main issue with Component Video Systems are the number of physical connections between the source (in most cases DIRECTV or a Cable Box) and the destination (aka TVs or Digital Menu Boards)

Below you will find a diagram of a typical Component Video System. Please note, this diagram might not match your installation exactly, however, this diagram can still be used to follow the signal path of the TVs and diagnose issues.

Signal path is marked with arrows. Possible failure points are marked with red circles.

As you can see below, there are 20 points of connection that need to be perfect in order to pass video. If any one of the connections below is disconnected, dirty, loose, and otherwise has failed, the result will be either a discolored image, or no image at all.

We recommend that any time you are servicing a TV with no picture, each connection needs to be checked, cleaned, and/or re-seated.

It is highly recommended that any time you are servicing a Component Video System, you have a second person on the floor constantly watching the TV for a restored picture. You will frequently find that just moving the cables and/or unplugging them and plugging them back in will restore the picture.

Need parts?

No Static no longer stocks Component Video equipment, parts, or cables. If you need parts, here are some inexpensive options available for you to purchase.

RCA (F) to BNC (M) Adaptors – The #1 part to have extra on-hand. These go bad all the time. – RCA (F) to BNC (M) Adaptor

Component Video Cable – Component Video Cable

Component to HDMI Converter – Component to HDMI Converter

HDMI Cables – HDMI Cables