Just Add Power Systems

Do you have a Just Add Power (JAP) system? You’ll know if you see one of these behind each one of your TVs. 

If you do have a JAP system, it would probably be a good idea to place an order for a few of these power supplies.

When a JAP receiver fails, 9 times out of 10, it’s the POE input that fails and the receiver will no longer power up. If you don’t see lights on the front of the unit, order a 5 pack of these and just plug one directly into the back of the troublesome receiver. There is a very good chance this will fix your problem and, no service call charges because you were able to fix it yourself! Not too mention you have 4 power supplies left over because you were smart enough to order a 5 pack. Not bad for a days work. Now go brag to your boss that you fix it yourself and demand a raise!  

Of course, if you want us to install these for you, fill out an online form to submit a ticket and we will get a tech scheduled to get them installed for you.