Music Troubleshooting

No music is the number one reason our phones ring, and probably the easiest issue to fix if you know how to test the system.  

Good thing you found this guide. Let’s get your music up and running! 

How do I know if the problem is with my music player or with my No Static system? 

The easiest way to determine if the issue you are having is related to your music provider, or your AV system, is to change the audio in the restaurant to DIRECTV audio and see if you can hear audio coming from the speakers.

Yes, I hear DIRECTV Audio!

If you do, good news! Your AV system is functioning properly and you just need to call your music provider. Their information is listed below. Just give them a call, let them know the AV system is functioning properly but you have no music, and ask them to reset your player. 

No, I don’t hear DIRECTV Audio.

If you don’t hear DIRECTV, something else is going on. Proceed below…

Ok, I don’t hear DIRECTV audio. Whats next? 

Prior to opening a ticket with No Static, you should check to make sure your AV system didn’t loose power. 

Please click on this link to learn more about tripped breakers and how to identify them. 

I checked all my breakers and I still don’t have my music playing. I need more help…