Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

With 3 locations and counting this fast growing chain relies on No Static to create an upbeat atmosphere with a crystal clear foreground sound system featuring Community Veris speakers, Ashly signal processing, RTI iPad control, Lab Gruppen amplifiers. Direct TV on Samsung commercial LED TVs provides a little action for those who love their sports. No Static also does all the networking, POS and security cameras for the JFAT chain.

The idea for Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, or JFAT, grew out of the early tavern tradition that had its initial roots in Renaissance England and the sprouted up in New England states. The early versions were primarily ”drinking establishments” offering up a limited array of food, sometimes of dubious quality. But they became social havens for locals and travelers alike that offered comfort and camaraderie. Still based upon great brews, cocktails, and wines but JFAT wanted it to be a modern day interpretation…to create a social gathering place that serves both great drinks but also great food. A casual, comfortable, yet sophisticated neighborhood place great for a quick lunch, relaxing dinner or celebration with friends for any occasion.

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