DIRECTV Channel Feedback

Channel Feedback is a term we use to describe the ability to pull the channels off of the DIRECTV (DTV) boxes and display them on your touchscreen.

Let’s take a look at all the equipment and settings that need to be set correctly for this to work. We are pretty confident this guide will get you back up and running quickly if you are having issues.

Before beginning…

9 times out of 10, DTV Channel Feedback is fixed by rebooting the DTV box that is having issues. For instructions on how to reset your DTV box, please click on the link below.

DIRECTV Cinema Kit

The DTV Cinema Kit is the heart of the Channel Feedback system.

  • This unit is our first suspect if you loose Channel Feedback to ALL of your DTV boxes.
  • If you have Channel Feedback on at least one box, there is a good chance the Cinema Kit is fine.
  • If you have Channel Feedback issues on individual boxes, we will cover the settings below.  

There are two styles of Cinema Kits that have been installed over the years. If you have a Touchscreen with Channel Feedback, one of these units is installed someone in your AV rack. 

DTV Box Settings

In addition to having a functioning Cinema Kit, there are also a few settings that need to be checked on the boxes.

IP Address

Each DTV box in your AV rack has a dedicated IP Address and is listed below. 

If you get a replacement DTV box, or if your existing DTV box looses its settings (this happens all the time), you will need to enter these settings manually or submit a ticket on our support page and we can do this remotely for you. 

Settings and Help > Settings > Internet Setup > Advanced Setup >  Advanced IP Config 

Using the remote, enter the information as follows: 

Static IP Settings

  • Box #1 -
  • Box #2 -
  • Box #3 -
  • Box #4 -
  • Box #5 -
  • Box #6 -
  • Box #7 -
  • Box #8 -
  • Box #9 –
  • Box #10 –
  • Box #11 –
  • Box #12 –

All boxes share the following Subnet Mask and Default Gateway

  • Subnet Mask –
  • Default Gateway –


Whole Home Settings

In addition to IP settings, each box needs to have the following enabled:

Settings and Help > Settings > Whole Home > External Devices

  • External Access – ALLOW
  • Current Program – ALLOW


If you continue to have issues after checking all these settings, there might be something else wrong. Please open a ticket with us and we will look into it for you.