No Static is proud to be a part of the transportation and energy revolution as an Audio Visual provider to Tesla at its Battery Swap Event in Hawthorne, Ca.

Tesla’s 90 second battery swap launch was facilitated in part by No Static for the event’s audio and visual needs.

As attendees, many of whom arrived in their own Teslas, watched on with Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the 32’ video screen showed a stop-watch keeping time, while video footage of a Tesla employee filled a comparable gasoline sedan at the fastest gas station in southern California.

In the time it took to fill one sedan with gas (four minutes), two Tesla model S vehicles had their used battery packs swapped out for fresh ones.

Tesla, will be offering its customers the choice between free filling and faster filling with this revolutionary battery pack swap at Tesla stations on both coasts.

No Static offers its customers, expedient, cutting edge audio and video event presentations coast-to-coast, and beyond, like Tesla offers the cutting edge technology in electric cars.

No Static and Tesla are revolutionary companies moving into the future.

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